Multiplication of gay people means world is in decline

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

If nothing else to the ordinary person on the street, the gay/homosexual parade on Saturday was a colourful affair, albeit not having everybody’s approval.

Now homosexuality has been around for a very long time, frowned upon by some, ignored and/or undesired by others.

In the early days of homosexuality, the percentage of people who had such natural tendency was very rare.

As the heterosexual majority in those days viewed homosexuality immoral, they introduced laws to ban it.

Today the godfathers in control of our society, eg. in the media and legal system, now have their own share of homosexuals in prominent positions, as they find this word homosexual distasteful to most, they replaced it with the word gay, to make it more honourable and/or attractive for society to accept.

They hit bingo, and the homosexual/gay brigade multiplied throughout the western world.

What caused this gigantic change one may ask, as in the early stages of my life a boy’s masculinity was admired and part of his upbringing, equally so similar on a par with a girl’s femininity.

Now every civilised society needs people for it to survive, its survival depends on a successful driven economy, that is produced by the taxes from the workforce, to pay for the services of all our daily needs.

As the multiplication of gay/homosexual people increases, it surely goes without saying that less people will be produced, metaphorically meaning that the world is in terminal decline.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin