Murder is murder and terrorists terrorise

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

How or why in the name of all that is holy were a group allowed to dress in paramilitary garb and carry replica firearms to re-enact murderous events in Londonderry?

If they wanted to show the horror of terrorism they should also have poured gallons of blood and body parts onto the streets to illustrate the effects of these attacks.

There is no doubt in my mind the re-enactment was an attempt to glorify terrorism. Here we had the brave terrorists in paramilitary uniforms targeting their ‘foe’ – these cowards hid in the dark streets of cities and happily walked up behind police officers and shot them in the back of the head.

I am sure this was not part of the display.

These cowards planted bombs under an officers car totally unconcerned if the officer or his wife were driving totally unconcerned if the children of the officer were in the car, they targeted officers at churches, social gatherings and at their homes.

Clearly this is a further attempt to rewrite history – murder is murder and terrorists terrorise.

There was nothing glorious about the actions of terrorists they were heinous inhuman acts and we must remember the victims not the perpetrators.

Ross M Hussey, Omagh