Murderer is now reaping the terrible consequences of a life of sin

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Martin McGuinness is dead!

As Cushi replied to David’s question regarding the welfare of Absalom, his son, the leader of rebellion against him: “The enemies of my lord the king, and all that rise against thee to do thee hurt, be as that young man is,” 2 Samuel 18:32.

These are the sentiments that fill my heart as I ponder the news of McGuinness’s death.

Martin McGuinness was a murderer and promoter of every form of rebellion against God’s law.

He not only led a campaign of terror which left many, Protestants and Roman Catholics, dead and maimed in its wake with all the tragic culminations that such activities brought, but he also supported abortion and promoted sodomy.

Few men were such paradigms of crime, cruelty and immorality as he.

He is now reaping the terrible consequences of such a life of sin. I have no doubt that his days of “chuckling” are over!

The reaction to the news of his death brought the usual depicting of him as anything but what he was in truth. He has been hailed as a peacemaker and statesman.

Those who say such things are themselves deceived and demonstrate this by their unwillingness to see the wickedness of the man.

The McGuinness era saw the death of decency and honesty in Northern Ireland politics and the wholesale embracing of the devil’s lie.

What a harvest that has yet to produce!

Rev Ivan Foster, Co Tyrone