Museum should have welcomed Vatican declaration


The concentration in media quarters on the absence of the Republic of Ireland tricolour amongst the flags flying outside the new Orange Museum is amazing, given that on other occasions when disputes erupt about flags it deplores the importance many people in Northern Ireland attach to the flying of flags.

In highlighting its absence as newsworthy, which until then most people would probably have given little thought to, the media further illustrates that the media is still part of the problem in Northern Ireland.

If some within the media wanted to make a story (news) about the new museum surely there was something better to write about than the absence of a flag.

For example why the absence of any document or resolution, amongst those on display, welcoming at the time the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom?

There is none because the Orange Order at the time lacked the wit to notice it as a complete reversal of the earlier Syllabus of Errors promulgated in 1864.

The Order should have presented a 12th July resolution welcoming it, and welcoming with it the decision to remove the ban on Roman Catholics attending other churches on occasion.

Instead the leadership has remained stuck in mind-sets appropriate for the time but not for the different world of today, as many of its members realise.

W A Miller, Belfast BT13