Mysterious Sinn Fein U-turn on the EU

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Additional evidence of Sinn Fein’s lack of democracy of debate to that cited by Shane Paul O’Doherty (‘SF language red line is to force unionist capitulation,’ Feb 23) is the mystery of the turn around towards the EU and how that turn around came about.

Without any public discussion or debate or vote amongst its members Sinn Fein has mysteriously turned around from being an anti-EU party to being a pro-EU party.

Its support in the constituencies seems without question to accept a turn around that was never debated but nevertheless was decided.

But further to this is the failure not only of the other political parties, but also of the media, to react to this turn around by Sinn Fein without any debate as though nothing has changed — or if it has it does not matter.

What then does matter for Northern Ireland politics — “us” and “them” nothing else, even for the commentariat?

Mr WA Miller, Belfast BT13