NI has failed, utterly

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Northern Ireland PLC has failed.

Utterly and irrevocably. Finally and forever.

Not that it ever stood any chance of succeeding. Built on sectarianism, colonialism and racism it was never destined to survive. Eventually, hatred and bigotry dies its own slow inexorable death.

Are we witnessing the death throes of an illegitimate state? A Frankensteinian monster born out of Britain’s determination to keep a vested interference in Irish affairs via its colonial surrogate unionism?

Is it time nationalists and republicans called it a day? Ended the partitionist gravy train and derailed the post colonial assembly which is nothing more than a vehicle to maintain British rule in Ireland?

Perhaps the inevitable failure of unionism to accept nationalism and SF acceptance that Northern Ireland as established is irreformable has set the scene.

Now is the time to move on. Mothball the assembly. Reject the duplicitous artificial assembly and embrace unification. Hold a referendum on national reconciliation and reunification.

No interim measures, no implementing British policy and austerity via the block grant?

Put NI plc to the sword and embrace our destiny.

A hundred years of Unionist misrule has failed and failed miserably. Time for an inclusive unified all embracing future.

What a beautiful prospect. Tomorrow is but a day away!

Fra Hughes, Belfast BT14