NI’s future is in the hands of the SNP


The talk of a hung parliament and wannabe king makers was the nonsense I said it would be.

Northern Ireland is in for a shaky couple of years, irrespective of an Assembly election next year. Our future is virtually in the hands of the Scottish National Party and their demands. Consequently the shape of constitutional politics will bend in their direction. That is until it breaks.

David Cameron, without a mandate from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be forced to protect England’s position and prosperity. Labour still in shock will be manoeuvring a comeback with no interest whatsoever about anything but power.

For us, as onlookers, the dangers are four fold. Scotland will be given powers beyond its means of handling. In turn we will look like poor cousins. David Cameron will not deliver a negotiated ‘staying put’ agreement with the Europeans. Immigration controls will remain ineffective with both the EU and immigration causing a Tory revolt. Finally, the mayhem of Boris Johnson’s scheming for a federal UK system would plunge us all into constitutional crisis.

The likely scenario in two or three years’ time, with Cameron also then a lame duck prime minister because of his declaration to quit in 2020, is the development of rampant tri-partite republicanism.

Sinn Fein, the SNP, Plaid Cymru will come together in a wrecking exercise. They must be stopped!

It will take a mighty effort of Pro-Union Unity which cannot contemplate failure and dare not act selfishly.

With four million votes, plus success in the English councils and proving of merit here in Northern Ireland, Ukip will be able to effectively stand-up for the nation. There will be a sizeable number of MPs defecting to Ukip to join in a principled stand. A Constitutional Convention is inevitable which, without Ukip’s commitments and strategies to keep the Union intact, will see the unfolding of the four fold dangers I have mentioned.

Ukip is far from being politically damaged. Hurt, yes! By a discredited voting system, but now more determined than ever to rescue the people of the UK from constitutional meltdown. Remember, Ukip was second in 120 constituencies with almost four million votes.

David McNarry,

Ukip MLA