NIHE need to consider the tenants who need repair from Carillion staff

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The financial situation of Carillion, the giant construction company, is complex and a major UK wide problem.

Thousands of jobs are at risk and public sector contracts are in danger.

It is right that urgent and detailed attention is given to addressing this serious situation and solutions found.

However, locally there is also a need to consider the Northern Ireland Housing executive tenants who are in need of a repair service from Carillion’s staff.

During this severe winter period for many families, elderly and vulnerable NIHE tenants getting repairs done can be a major concern.

Failure may negatively impact on their safety or quality of life.

NIHE needs, as a matter of urgency, to make contact with their thousands of tenants to keep them up-to-date.

Difficult as this UK-wide situation is the human situation of a family, a disabled or elderly NIHE tenant living alone and needing repairs done cannot be neglected.

Whatever NIHE do in tackling this situation communication with tenants is essential.

Adam Newton, Councillor, Titanic DEA, Belfast City Council