No democracy with Army Council


Even if the Secretary of State’s damning report on paramilitary activity fails to ignite a sense of political integrity among unionists seeking to reconnect with the pro-British electorate here, there is a real danger that an, as yet, unreformed and militant republicanism will continue to infest Northern Ireland’s political landscape.

According to the assessment of PIRA, it seems that the Provos can float like ‘butterflies’ while, at the same time, retaining the capacity to sting like bees – a sting which appears to include the right for some to periodically murder their own people.

Clearly we are the last to know that for years the DUP, Alliance, SDLP and Ulster Unionists have been willingly sitting in government with the still-armed Provo Army Council. Are we to believe that at St Andrews Ian Paisley consented to and willingly entered into a mandatory coalition with an armed Provo Army Council?

Teresa Villiers MP this on record when she read to Parliament “we judge that individual members of paramilitary groups with a legacy of violent activity still represent a threat to national security.’ This means that a real potential threat still emanates from what should be called the ‘Provo Party’ rather than Sinn Fein.

People are not buying into this rotten borough anymore! Am I the only party leader able to spot the difference this makes to people? Am I the only one recognising that this is a deceit of indecent proportions? I do not believe that I am the only one who is sickened by the overt nepotism and devious self-interest that allows the revelations that Sinn Fein is directed by an army council to pass almost unnoticed.

I believe that only an election can restore any measure of public confidence in the institutions of government. The present arrangements cannot continue as if nothing had changed. UKIP is firmly committed to fight the people’s corner and point us towards a properly constituted democratic form of devolution which does not operate with a lie on its lips. There can be no surviving democracy with an armed Army Council ingovernment!

David McNarry, MLA, Ukip leader NI