No excuse for UUP’s current ignorance about the EU

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I have just been reading Mike Nesbitt’s article (June 18) on why he wants the UK to remain in the European Union.

It displays intellectual flakiness.

Mr Nesbitt doesn’t understand the concept of sovereignty: it’s about whether or not the UK has control over its internal affairs, and nothing to do with staying out of the euro or the Schengen area.

Secondly, he said that if you oppose giving the EU money, logically you must also support Scottish independence.

Does he really not understand the difference between the UK government (a) handing over money to a supranational body and (b) redistributing money to a devolved region of the UK?

For 13 years the UUP was lucky enough to have Enoch Powell in its ranks at Westminster. It has no excuse for its current ignorance about the EU.

If I was still a UUP member, I would be embarrassed that this stuff was appearing as my party’s official position on the subject.

Graeme Jardin, London E4