No films about the IRA massacres

Letters to Editor

It’s time the IRA is shown to the world for what they really were.

Cold blooded murderous terrorists with no regard for innocent human life whatsoever.

Imagine a film company wanting to make a film about the Islamic state which showed IS in a favourable light. It would never happen.

Yet over the last few months we have seen the release of 66 Days, a film documenting Bobby Sands and the hunger strikers (IRA terrorists), we have seen the release of a film about IRA terrorists escaping from the Maze prison, which showed those IRA terrorists that escaped in a favourable light.

The new film released called No Stone Unturned is about the Loughinisland loyalist killings but when will we see films or documentaries made about Bloody Friday, the La Mon bombing, Kingsmill, Teebane, the Shankill bombing, Claudy bombing, Enniskillen, there are so many IRA crimes against humanity that could be made into films or documentaries which shows just how brutal the IRA were.

It’s sickening to see a terrorist organisation that has caused more death and destruction on the streets of the UK than any other terrorist organisation having their past sanitised on the world stage.

John Brennan, Ballygowan

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