No-one shows as much disrespect to the Union flag as some loyalists do


I agree with Peter Lyons letter (July 13) regarding insecure loyalists using flags to mark out territory and not taking them down again following events.

Some loyalists portray themselves as guardians of the Union flag.

But it’s a sketchy record.

Every year flags are erected and only come down when they fall apart after the weather has battered them to rags leaving only tatty faded threads fluttering from sticks that have been taped to the top of lamp posts.

For the flag it is an inglorious end following a glorious Twelfth.

In Belfast, some flags from previous years are still stuck in trees where they hang with all the dignity of plastic bags blown there by the wind.

This year I noticed that a new flag had been erected on a particular lamp post within arms length of an old flag caught in the branch of a tree.

The persons involved did not see fit to rescue it from its shameful position.

Say what you like about the Sinn Fein flag removing vote at the City Hall, no one treats the Union flag with as much disrespect as some of our own people.

Come on guys, start practicing what you preach and take the flags down with dignity.

This actually shows more confidence than leaving them up!

In any case, an x on a ballot paper is more powerful than a flag on a lamp post.

Thomas Stewart, Belfast