No-one thought the lights would go out before we knew of fracking

Woodburn Forest in Carrickfergus
Woodburn Forest in Carrickfergus
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A drill for oil is likely to happen at anytime at Woodburn Forrest, Carrickfergus.

xWe are repeatedly told that we need to Frack for Shale in order to keep the lights on.



Fracking has only become commercially viable in the last 10 to 15 years.

What were the future forecasts of the global powers pre-frack years as they looked to the future regarding energy resources and energy generation?

We were not told by the establishment that unless a new energy source became available that the lights would go out.

Are we being sold another huge lie?

Fracking appears a huge cash-in for the select few.

M Cairns, Belfast BT15