No wonder there is talk of a unionist exodus after unity

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is obvious the philosophy of violence espoused by Gerry Adams allows him to justify the type of response he thinks appropriate.

Recent world history such as Pol Pot; Cambodia; Idi Amin; Uganda; Oamr; al-Bashir ; Sudan; Kim Jong-il; North Korea; and Fidel Castro; Cuba are examples of despots able to reconcile their violent actions with their interpretation of circumstances.

Responses included torture, slavery and mass murder.

The IRA justified the murder of civilians, security staff, children and babies and followers of religion and none.

Remember, it was civil unrest agitated by the IRA that brought British soldiers they hated onto the streets.

It was the IRA who machine-gunned worshippers and lay in wait for good neighbours and those returning to their homes from work.

Neither was cold blooded murder by self-appointed loyalists justified.

Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich Roman Catholic primate of all Ireland held that you cannot unite people with bombs and bullets, an expression supported by Protestant ministers.

And yet, Adams continues to justify the actions of the major offender the IRA along with talk of reaching out to unionists.

No wonder recent talk about a unionist exodus occuring in the event of a majority voting for an all Ireland.

David Barbour, Coleraine