Northern Ireland has been blighted by bad planning


I must agree with your comment on planning in Northern Ireland (Morning View March 7).

Our country has been blighted with bad planning.

In my village of Doagh they have passed a plan to build 162 new houses.

At a meeting about traffic with our MP and MLA about the stream of traffic going through the village this was brought to light and like others I was alarmed.

Where it was published about this planned development I do not know but it will bring about 400 more cars through our village.

The road structure has not changed much since I was a boy and it seems there was little consultation with the local people about the plan.

I was even more astounded to hear the way they got around the Road Service by planning to give a Translink smart pass for a year to those who occupy the houses.

I could not believe it until I saw it for myself in black and white.

The extremes that developers will go to and the weak planning is unbelievable.

New ways must be found so that all those who are affected by planned developments know it is happening and are able to make their feelings known.