Not too long ago cohabitation was called living in sin

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Alex Kane article about late fatherhood gave a veneer of respectability to cohabitation (‘We talked about me becoming a dad so old – the benefits easily outweighed the risks,’ August 12).

In reality, cohabitation is not respectable and not too long ago such domestic “arrangements” were described as “living in sin.”

Cohabitation should still carry that stigma today and those involved in it should feel embarrassed and ashamed.

No hint of either was detectable from Alex Kane.

On the contrary, he is proud of “living in sin” with his girlfriend of 17 years and with whom he has had two children out of wedlock.

Such children were once described as illegitimate. The Bible uses a stronger word to describe illegitimacy but I’ll leave it at that.

The deputy editor of your paper, Ben Lowry gushed over Alex Kane’s article describing it as a “fantastic article” about Kane becoming a father at age 61 (he is now 62.) Ben Lowry had no concerns about the fact that Alex Kane is not married.

Does the News Letter share Ben Lowry’s assessment of Alex Kane’s article and, like him, ignore the fact that Kane is living with his girlfriend?

For the record, even if Alex Kane was married, 61 is too old to father a child.

Susan-Anne White (Mrs), Trillick, Co Tyrone