Ó Muilleoir: My blog posting on bright side people

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Cartoonist Brian John Spencer (March 17) has been spending too much time in the land of Alternative Facts.

Among those alternative facts are claims that I referred at Stormont to “bright people and dark people”. Never happened.

He quotes me as saying DUP voters are “deplorable”. Never happened.

He says I called Protestants “dark”. Never happened.

He then takes an amalgam of the above ‘alternative facts’ and likens them to “Dr Paisley saying Catholics breed like rabbits”.

“Prejudice is prejudice,” he adds. At last: a fact on which he is an authority.

In the meantime, readers who wish to read my blog posting ‘A Good Day for the Bright Side of the Road People’, rather than the News Letter alternative version, can do so at www.newbelfast.com.

They won’t find any of Brian John Spencer’s alternative facts there but they will find a tribute to Bright Side of the Road people:

“Those who believe in a new Belfast: the peace-loving nationalists of South Belfast who refused to allow narrow-minded extremists in the DUP turn back the clock to 1969; businessmen and businesswomen who really believe we can create a prosperous and shared society; a United Nations of ethnic minorities who understand that in diversity is strength — with a special go raibh maith agat to the Roma, Bangladeshi, Fillipino, Indian and Islamic communities; LGBT citizens who believe Belfast needs more, not less, love; and champions of the faith communities who believe the Sermon on the Mount is the boldest political manifesto ever-written.”

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, MLA, South Belfast