O’Neill is the same as McGuinness

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The Sinn Fein leader of the Sinn Fein Assembly group Mrs O’Neill is right to say there is no hierarchy of victims however there is a clear difference between a victim and a perpetrator.

The event she attended was to honour four IRA men who had been shot by the SAS.

These men were not out buying a carton of milk.

They had attacked the RUC Station in Coalisland with a high calibre gun.

Any police officer or civilian could have been killed by this terrorist attack on the police station.

Let us make it crystal clear the four men who were shot by the SAS were Provisional IRA men who were on what SF likes to refer to as ‘active service’ they were terrorists terrorising the community.

There is no way these terrorists were victims they were the author of their own misfortunes.

To honour these terrorists Michele O’Neill has clearly shown there is no difference in her leadership than there was of Martin McGuinness.

He at least did not deny his terrorist past unlike Gerry Adams who still claims he wasn’t on the IRA.

Ross M Hussey, Omagh