Offensive apology by easyJet

A plane of the budget airline easyJet
A plane of the budget airline easyJet

The decision by easyJet to remove a magazine article which highlights and promotes the tourist potential of July 12 parades is an outrageous overreaction to a small number of complaints, including one from a blogger.

The July 12 celebrations have tens of thousands of participants, hundreds of thousands of people spectating, including many tourists, and they receive support from both local councils and tourism promotion. easyJet’s apology has caused great offence to many of those people, but none of this appears to matter to easyJet in their desire to placate people who cannot tolerate July 12 being mentioned in any kind of positive light.



easyJet must now give a full explanation as to why they took this decision and of the statement that they will not include any such recommendation in the future. I will be particularly interested to hear exactly what their “rigorous editorial sign-off” processes actually are and how these mean that July 12 parades cannot be spoken of.

It would be an extremely bland and unappealing tourism guide, not just for Northern Ireland but anywhere in the world, which would only include events to which no blogger might object.

easyJet must also clarify whether reports that the author will no longer be employed to write for them are actually true. If this proves to be the case then it is a particularly concerning aspect to the case.

Customers of easyJet may take some heart from the fact it appears that any complaint raised by a customer appears to receive such immediate and decisive action from the company.

What remains to be seen is whether action is taken equally quickly when easyJet lose someone’s bags or their flight is delayed rather than a decision to airbrush out one of the largest cultural festivals held anywhere in the United Kingdom.

We can only assume that easyJet’s policy in relation to July 12 parades does not include a refusal to accept the fares of those wishing to travel to Northern Ireland to watch the celebrations.

William Humphrey,

DUP MLA, North Belfast