One of the first goals of a united Ireland must be a global disarmament agenda

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The revolutionary progress, of Ireland, the republic, has reached crisis point.

Already, welfare provision, in the northern six counties, is worryingly inadequate. Now, the government of David Cameron has proposed cuts to important supports for the disabled. More significantly, the proposed UK referendum, on EU membership, threatens to undo years of north-south integration.

The time has come for swift, decisive action, after due consultation with First Minister, Arlene Foster, and Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, to safeguard the security, health, and happiness, not just of those in the care of the Westminster government, but of the island, as a whole. An almost perfectly inconclusive outcome, to the recent election to Dáil Éireann, speaks volumes.

Once an Irish flag is raised, in Belfast (the green flag, of 1642, rather than the Tricolour, is suggested), the Dáil, and Assembly, can meet, to agree fundamental principles, and appoint a provisional government, in advance of elections, to a new national assembly, in May, or June.

One of the first goals of the united Ireland must be to advance a global disarmament agenda, in company with like-minded nations, at the UN.

What better way to mark the Rising of 1916, than with a Rising of 2016 that brings its fulfilment? Go mbé beannacht Dé ar ár dturas.

Daithí Ó Frithile, Suas