Orange and Green Tories implement austerity


Socialism is alive and well in West Belfast and sectarianism is alive and well and growing inter-generationally in North Belfast.

I stood as an Independent Anti Austerity candidate in the Belfast North Westminster Election on May 7 and I was on the rostrum beside the other aspirant hopefuls when Nigel Dodds made his ungracious acceptance speech whose greeting was more reminiscent of a football match than a parliamentary election.

The sectarian unionist pact was a betrayal of democracy denying Naomi Long a seat in East Belfast and Michelle Gildernew a seat in Fermanagh South Tyrone.

The British government’s interference in the internal body politics of the North must be condemned.

To contest 16 out of 18 seats here and encourage a DUP victory in North Belfast and OUP gain in Fermanagh South Tyrone is a clear example of the British Conservatives Party’s compliance acceptance and exploitation of the sectarianism that lays at the very heart of our society.

The cynical manipulation of the Orange Card to gain leverage in a potential hung parliament is deplorable and political opportunism at its worst.

I wish to commend the 529 brave souls who voted for me and against austerity.

A Thatcherite neo liberal right wing agenda which has nothing to do with balancing the books but is an attack on the gains made by the labour movement on behalf of working families, the disabled and the vulnerable via heath education and welfare over the last 100 years.

Austerity is coming. The Stormont House parties will enact the Stormont House Agreement. Savage cuts conceived by Tories in Britain will be delivered by orange and green Tories here.

The hillbillies on the hill in our own little devolved super super council will blame the government in London, cry crocodile tears and cut to the very heart and soul of front line services delivering social benefits to all of or communities in our shared but separated society.

Remember at the elections next year to vote against austerity.

If you want to change the politics have the courage to change the politicians and join the 529 who voted for a real viable non sectarian alternative.

Fra Hughes,

Belfast BT15