Orange halls are suffering from lawlessness


It appears that extermination tactics are being used to damage Orange halls in our province by burning them to the ground.

Those who are involved in these acts of arson have nothing to offer to the community and because of the acts that they are involved in, the community has nothing to offer them.

I firmly believe that the burning of orange halls on their own would not satisfy these arsonists but they would rather that the Orange brethren were trapped and engulfed in the flames.

A total of 21 Orange halls have been targeted by arsonists or vandals so far this year (a quote from August 15 News Letter), but how many individuals have been apprehended by the PSNI?

If I were to throw a missile and damage property or break a window, within 24 hours it would be a sure bet, I would be arrested and charged for what I done.

It would be interesting to know how many have been brought before the courts for the damage to Orange halls.

We seem to be living in a lawless society and the PSNI are patrolling the areas in their warm cosy cars and the use of their blue flashing light to inform those they are after that they are on their way.

Bring back the days when there were feet on the beat and one was not aware if a policeman was around the next corner.

These individuals who carried out the burning of Salterstown Orange hall need to be caught and punished before something else of a more serious nature takes place, as I hinted at, or worse.

William Brown, Magherafelt