Organ Donor Bill was flawed

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It has been a matter of regret to see Joanne Dobson’s reaction to the failure of her Organ Donation Bill, by turning this issue into a political football to attack those who opposed it.

As this Bill has progressed it has become clear the apparent unwillingness of Joanne Dobson to listen to the genuine, well informed concerns of those who actually know most about this subject. A Bill described as ‘total gobbledygook’ by a prominent lawyer should have set alarm bells ringing in Mrs Dobson’s head. Indeed, when surgeons from the Belfast Health Trust made clear their genuine fears and concerns around this Bill, this headstrong attitude of Mrs Dobson prevailed once again. She has failed to address why she ignored these expert opinions.

My hope is that in the next Assembly term this issue does return to the Assembly and that those behind it listen, learn and bring about a Bill that really does deliver what it is meant to. We all should want to see organ donation rates increase. The experts said this Bill wouldn’t serve that goal, and indeed was likely to be counterproductive.

This Bill failed for no other reason than it would have been bad law. I and many others respect those who stood firm against the emotive but ultimately flawed campaign of those who supported it.

Robert McIntyre, Belfast