Our national identity has been lost

Flag of the European Union
Flag of the European Union

As I am totally against Britain’s membership of the European Union, it goes without saying that I was heartened to read David McNarry’s letter in the News Letter (April 9).

To enlarge from a Common Market, even that is contradictory to free trade between global nations, and develop into a jackboot of political interference, where one’s country (Britain being an example) becomes subject overnight to indiscriminate migration, never mind losing control of its government infrastructure, including the legal system, is madness.



The indigenous people of every member nation, voted to be governed by its own people, not a collection of foreigners, sitting in an office in a foreign land, who have no knowledge, nor for that matter interest, of the wishes of each nation, by imposing a one jackboot policy fits all.

To suggest that leaving the European Union would a disaster for Britain, or any other country is madness.

Capitalism is capitalism, its total concept is making money, irrespective of who or where it comes from.

I find it coincidental that since the EU expanded, the rise of millionaires, billionaires and even trillionaires has increased, no doubt due to the imposition of uncontrolled humanity, by removing a nation’s economic control, in the creation of a policy of “dog eat dog” in the search of a decent living standard.

Look around you, and you will see this every day, as one’s national identity is destroyed quicker that you can say “Jack Robinson”

Harry Stephenson