Our separated cousins in the 26 counties should not accept the EU yoke

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
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I appreciated Theresa May’s speech on Brexit as an honest assessment but I am worried that she has not clearly stated that we will retake control of our territorial waters, rebuilding our fishing industry is central to future UK prosperity and regaining control of our waters must be a central component of Brexit.

The prime minister is wrong on Westminster having control over what European Union laws are repealed.

It will be possible for the devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to repeal EU laws they don’t like once we have formally left the EU – Westminster will only have sole control over reserved matters that are common to the whole UK.

Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales will be more free and independent as devolved countries within the UK than the Republic of Ireland is within the EU.

Surely there must be a message for our separated cousins in the 26 counties that they should not accept the yoke of EU domination so as their political elites can call themselves committed Europeans.

Henry M Reilly, Councillor, Kilkeel