Papal visit to NI would bring further divisions

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Could the leaders of the so called Protestant churches in Ireland please enlighten me as to how the Pope coming to Northern Ireland could help reconciliation in our country when he cannot even reconcile his own church.

I would safely say that if the Pope comes to Northern Ireland there would be as many Roman Catholics protesting against his coming than Protestants.

Child abuse within the Catholic Church and its cover-up would be enough to make any law abiding Catholic want to shout no Pope here.

There is nothing Godly about a system that not only abuses little children but then promotes the very priests that have committed such crimes.

I have not even started to talk about the Pope’s false doctrines and unrighteous claims over this United Kingdom.

Once again we see the true aims of the Church of Ireland Archbishop Richard Clark, the Presbytery Moderator, Noble McNeely, and the Methodist President Lawrence Graham — in alliance with Bishop John McDowell of the Irish council of churches which is unity with Mother Church.

I am convinced without doubt that the Pope coming to Northern Ireland would bring further divisions within our community.

The Roman Catholic Church’s Refusal to allow a simple memorial in Enniskillen to remember the Protestant dead is evidence enough to prove that the Pope and his church need to work a lot harder to reach out the hand of friendship to Protestants.

However the Archbishop, the Moderator and the Methodist President do not seem to mind the Roman Catholic Church offending and disregarding the Protestant dead of Enniskillen.

It is bad enough that these so-called Protestant leaders forsake their own Articles of Faith — but to disregard their own dead by inviting the leader of the organisation that dishonour them — I say is shameful.

Rev John Gray, Free Presbytery Minister, Tandragee