Party chiefs are only peacemakers to thick people

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Why is anyone surprised by Barry McElduff’s disgusting “joke” about the Kingsmill murders?

He belongs to a party whose president is on the record as having justified IRA murders; not a few of his party colleagues have been convicted of terrorist offences; his leader in Northern Ireland has been to at least one recent IRA commemoration.

Sinn Fein’s culture is one of the glorification of murder.

It is sometimes said that a certain celebrity is a stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person is like [a slight which has been applied to broadcaster Stephen Fry, writer Aldous Huxley, and a number of other people].

Gerry Adams, Michelle O’Neill, Barry McElduff and the late Martin McGuinness are a stupid person’s idea of what peacemakers are like.

C.D.C. Armstrong, Belfast BT12