Paul Berry: DUP must resist any ‘Irish’ or ‘Culture’ act

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

When Sinn Fein pulled down Stormont they used the issue of the RHI Scandal as their main reason but once again they never waste a crisis and the real reason has become apparent.

We have witnessed the pan nationalist front backed up by the Irish government demanding an Irish language act and holding the country to ransom once again.

The Irish government firstly should not be sticking their noses in our affairs but also their mask has slipped and they are no longer supposedly natural players by backing Sinn Fein for and Irish language act.

They should be told by DUP to jump into their limos and head south and stay out of our affairs.

I would encourage the DUP negotiators to take a drive around Newry city or West Belfast and it will give them just a taste of what this country would look like after such an Irish or Culture act.

They must not give away any further on this matter as it is another step by pan nationalism in diluting or Britishness in Northern Ireland.

The Belfast Agreement has never been enough for the pan nationalist front because they continue to come back for more and more every time there is a crisis usually caused by them.

Both the Irish and Ulster Scots receive funding and protection so no more is needed unless they want to fund it themselves.

Imagine the cost if this were to be rolled out across all government departments with an onus placed upon all public, state and semi-state bodies, including local authorities, to promote Irish and all acts and bills to be published simultaneously in Irish and English.

People just wish for good government delivering on the issues which effect them such as quality education provision, good health care, job opportunities for all.

Paul Berry, Councillor, Tandragee