Paul Girvan: GAA club has failed to clarify its stance on the PSNI

It is not clear if the club supports a member who may wish to join PSNI. Picture By Stepehen Davison, Pacemaker

We want to live in a society where everyone finds acts of terror like that faced by Peadar Heffron unacceptable and without justification.

Indeed in recent times there are those who have made much progress on that road.

Letters to Editor

It is welcome that Creggan Kickhams GAC has broken its silence of the last week and finally publicly condemned the attack on one of its members, Peadar Heffron.

I am disappointed that the club has failed in another basic expression when wrong is done – that of saying sorry.

Not one word of the statement issued by the club confers any form of apology to Peadar for any bullying, ostracism and intimidation suffered within the confines of Creggan Kickhams GAC. People will draw their own conclusions from the failure of the club to address this issue.

The club’s statement also lacked clarity around what support exists for any current club member who may wish to serve the community within the ranks of the PSNI.

There is no comfort for any member of Creggan Kickhams GAC thinking of applying to join the police in this statement.

Given that this GAA club has such influence with young people, it must now issue a clear statement indicating any member wishing to join the PSNI will be fully supported.

The club may feel their statement closes this matter, but it falls short of what is required in clarifying the club’s position.

Paul Girvan, DUP South Antrim MP

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