Peal back the real moral machinery in BPAS operation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has decided to open a ‘help-line’ for Northern Irish women, under the moral pretext of women’s healthcare and choice.

Yet it would do well to peal back the real moral machinery in operation. Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of BPAS, is no friend of the unborn but we can be thankful she is open about what actually is being normalised. In her latest book, she wrote bluntly that those ladies, whom her service is helping, are involved in a “act of killing- but it kills a being that has no sense of life or death, and no awareness of itself as distinct from others”.

Are vulnerable callers to the ‘help-line’ advised that this is what they are seeking to do, or worst, have done to the baby in their care?

Praise God that our current law still holds parents to have a moral and legal obligation in protecting their child’s life.

Rev Ben Preston, Craigy Hill Presbyterian