Perhaps McGuinness and Robinson could talk privately and find a way out of impasse

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In my humble opinion, for the peace in Northern Ireland and all of its population, and also very much for our relations with Westminster and the Dail, it would be far better for us no longer keep to on making fools of ourselves politically world-wide but rather to knuckle down and put the people first.

Until we have got that sorted allow some kind of committee appointed by the Assembly to deal with any other problems.

At this moment politically Northern Ireland Plc is at a standstill (of course we have the Secretary of State).

This cannot keep on as something needs to be done politically very soon.

Forget about someone from Westminster jumping in with a bundle of money, ie bribe us.

Those days are long gone.

It is up to us. We must find a way. We must do better.

Unfortunately I do not have an answer, but I have an idea.

I’m grasping at straws, and I do hate myself for suggesting we go over the head of elected MLAs, but when I think of how well talks were at St Andrews, how would it do for Martin McGuinness (health permitting) and Peter Robinson to talk privately to see if a way out could be found?

And if not I would ask for another election very soon because if the politicians cannot find an answer now, where we can we turn to?

Of course the DUP and Sinn Fein would need to agree or disagree to allow any talking to take place between these two former leaders.

Jim Patrick, Drumquin, Co Tyrone