Peter Robinson’s legacy is NI secure in UK


The recent attack by renegade councillor Paul Berry (Nov 3) on DUP leader Peter Robinson embodies a form of hypocrisy that has come to define a particular group of unionists who cry treason against parties sharing power with Sinn Fein yet are all to happy to take a wage for working with republicans as local councillors.

Mr Berry and his cohorts should know that they cannot have it both ways. They should know that an ‘unrepentant’ Sinn Fein at Stormont must mean an ‘unrepentant’ Sinn Fein locally – and in line with their mantra, waive their pay packets. That is, of course, unless the primary motivation for their arguments isn’t rooted in political morality at all.

All too often, while purporting to be a beacon of integrity, tirades typified by Cllr Berry’s are fuelled by personal point-scoring, grudge-matches and nothing else; mere attempts to gain relevance by playing to long-standing vulnerabilities of the unionist electorate.

The fact of the matter is that contrary to Cllr Berry’s description of unionism as being in its ‘most dangerous place’, support for our place in the UK has never been more secure.

For the first time, the majority of people in our Province support the merit of devolution. No matter what the future holds for Peter Robinson, that will be his legacy and this is how he will be remembered within unionism. The question is; what will be Mr Berry’s legacy?

Orchard Observer, Tandragee