Plea to bikers: Make yourself heard on cemetery

The Ulster Grand Prix
The Ulster Grand Prix

I fully support your lead letter on Monday (August 22) from Howard Ligg of Lincolnshire and thank him for such a well worded objection.

As a biker from 1948 I’ve been all over at various events and Dundrod has been the home of Ulster Grand Prix since 1953.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

People cannot choose the date they die, least of all their funeral and it is absurd to suggest by the applicant the cemetery could close on race day.

This is an unworkable idea and in event of a cemetery there the family of those already buried, who may want to visit the graves of their loved ones, could not do so at will but would be subject to the race restrictions placed.

Northern Ireland tourism must also be a priority for the Tourism Ireland body who must oppose this threat to tourism figures.

I urge all bikers to contact their political representatives on this matter, as I myself have done.

Bikers: let your voices be heard loudly. Do not wait until it is too late.

This idea just would not be feasible for Dundrod and I hope the UGP and Dundrod clubs will oppose this proposal, fighting it tooth and nail. Dundrod must stay as the big tourist attraction it has grown into since 1953.

The world’s fastest road race – what an accolade.

Joe Spence, Kells, Ballymena