Please think again and hold off on the Maze prayer event

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

It is hard to grasp the logic and explanation used by the Rev David Jardine as he describes as politically neutral the controversial Maze site for his planned event in September around forgiveness.

He appears to have forgotten the controversy and opposition from the innocent victims sector with regard to the proposed shrine to terrorism at the Maze.

It would not bare thinking about, if the underlying motives in encouraging innocent victims into the Maze for this proposed event were to lead potentially to its reinstatement.

This appears even more of a possibility as Tony Blair is lauded for his role in the “peace process”, which seems to have favoured terrorists. With hindsight, the 1998 agreement give credibility and empowerment to terrorists and sacrificed truth and justice and any semblance of a normalised democracy.

This has been borne out in the intervening years with successive failures in dealing with the terrorism of the past and present. What is deeply hurtful is when innocent victims cry out for justice and truth or oppose the revisionist narrative surrounding terrorism, they face shallow condescending attitudes, which quickly assume innocent victims are the fault, when many have cast their burdens to the Lord.

I would strongly urge the Rev Jardine to think again of its location and hold off with any such event until he has met with innocent victims of terrorism, as has been previously requested.

Forgiveness is condemnation!

Rev Alan Irwin, Innocent victim, Lack, Co Fermanagh