PM right to tackle extremism in UK


I warmly welcome Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement of a new counter-extremism strategy that aims to curb the radicalisation and prevent young people from being recruited by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Radicalisation has posed serious problems for the UK and many other EU member states, with terrorist groups and Islamist hate preachers using social media to spread their messages of hatred and violence.

However, I have concerns as to how well resourced elements of this strategy will be - reports earlier in the month for example suggested that the government has appointed fewer than 60 de-radicalisation “mentors”. I welcome the news that internet firms will work closely with relevant agencies to curb dissemination of extremist material. In June, I joined with 40 other MEPs in writing to Twitter, urging them to do more to tackle this serious problem.

ISIS is committing brutal atrocities across the Middle East. In the region, there has never been a more difficult time to be a Christian in the region. Curbing radicalisation and stopping the dissemination of extremist propaganda is an important step in preventing UK youths from being recruited.

Jim Nicholson, Ulster Unionist MEP