Police should take the best qualified applicants


I listened to a debate on the radio about PSNI recruiting the other day.

I was surprised to hear that the only ones to be counted in fair employment on religious grounds were people from Northern Ireland. Anyone seeking to join from another country like the Republic, their religion does not come into it. They are treated as others.

It shows you the extreme measures that the authorities will stoop to to get Roman Catholics and others to join the police. With many young people unemployed in Northern Ireland, would it not be better to take the best qualified for the job? They may have got rid off the recruiting percentage but it is clear that there is still a bias against Protestants getting into the police force.

I often wonder also, how many employers are allowed to have so many foreign migrants working for them? Do they or their religion not count when it comes to fair employment?

It seems that some employers, even those funded by the public purse are not being scrutinised to the same degree as the police.

John, Doagh