Populist politicians hold back progress

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

First Minister Foster says she wants to change things, Minister of Health Hamilton says we know what we have to do to make the health service better.

But why have we not made the changes? We have had years of dithering, despite people like me complaining.

Only two ministers, as far as I can see, are challenging the vested interests. They are in education training and the law, two fields of activity with smart intellects but selfish thinking.

When are the political leaders going to think about the people who create wealth in the community and who pay taxes? When are government bodies going to shape up and deliver prompt and effective service?

It is wealth creators who will make Northern Ireland a better place, who create jobs, wealth and pay taxes. It is not backward looking, populist politicians who have no experience of the outside world.

If the ministers set out to make a more efficient and responsible society then we will not have to go pleading to Westminster for more money. As a taxpayer I question, if 7,000 public positions were announced as redundant, why only 4,000 are to be carried out, does this mean that there are 3,000 positions not needed but we still pay people to fill them?

Similarly I question why we have prevaricated on the development of the two main road connections, the police training college; and of course other projects. What has it cost to date and what is the increase in expected costs due to these delays?

We have had several reports on the NHS all saying broadly the same thing – why don’t we get on with fixing the problem? Money alone won’t do it.

As a taxpayer I would not support money being thrown at the NHS, Money properly directed with accompanying changes I would support.

Why do the ministers not spell out what has to be done, and how they would go about it, to give everyone in NI the benefit?

The politicians are largely holding back progress, I have seen this and others (including senior politicians) have stated it.

Tom Ekin, Belfast