Predecessor of DUP urged a hardline RUC response to civil rights march

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have just listened to the attempt by Christopher Stalford to draw parallels between the RUC’s reponse to civil rights protests in the late 1960s to the strong clampdown by Spanish police on the Catalan independence referendum.

The RUC attempt to keep the peace can not be compared to the extreme measures taken by the Spanish authorities.

Mr Stalford should have explained that it was the founders of the DUP, then operating as the Protestant Unionist Party, who vehemently opposed the civil rights marches, called on the RUC to take a stronger line against them, and branded unionist leaders as ‘Lundys’ for taking too liberal a response to the protests.

This is rewriting of history, like some of the exaggerated nationalist propaganda.

John Doogan, Armagh BT61