Presbyterian Church is not courting the Church of Rome

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

William Brown overstates and distorts when he claims that Irish Presbyterians have been “courting the Church of Rome” (December 7).

I’m not aware of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland doing such a thing.

As a Christian, Protestant and Reformed Church she seeks to be much in the main things.

She seeks to speak into the ruin of humanity, the need for the spiritual work of regeneration in the human heart and the sufficiency of Christ’s redemption to save and keep.

She prayerfully longs for all of her neighbours, irrespective of colour, class or creed, to enter into a real and life-changing experience of the Saviour Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate at this time of the year.

May the Lord help all of us, whatever church affiliation we have, to be much in these main things.

Stephen Johnston, Kilkeel