Presbyterian minister is at odds with doctrine

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I find the newsworthiness of a liberal Presbyterian’s views on abortion (April 16) questionable.

If it is newsworthy, for it to occupy the front page of your newspaper is certainly questionable.

Such a position is totally unrepresentative of the church she claims to represents. Indeed, the views expressed by her on the subject are completely contrary to the doctrinal positions taken by that church, and to Holy Scripture.

The issue of life is not a judgement for society to make as she suggests. It is a judgement that Almighty God has already made in His Word. Her opinion on this matter does however accord with the extremist liberal positions taken by the purportedly impartial Equality Commission.

It is sad that such ministers use their position in the church to undermine its witness and maintenance of scriptural truth.

Colin Sloan, Ballygowan