Pride is offensive to hundreds of thousands of people


This week on Radio Ulster I heard a caller say that the only parade that should be allowed in Belfast was the Gay Pride parade one as it was offensive to no one.

Well she was very wrong; it is offensive to hundreds of thousands of people.

The only problem is that those who see it as an offensive, in your face, spectacle daren’t speak out as they will be instantly labelled bigots and homophobes by the LBGT community and its coat trailers.

The propaganda and resources of the publicly-funded vociferous LBGT Lobby groups, who are adept at playing the victim and homophobe card on a compliant and supportive BBC programmes, is now so strong that it stifles free speech by personalised attacks on anyone who dares speak out against them.

Incidentally the vast majority of those attending the Gay Pride event were impressionable, underage and easily brainwashed kids who though it liberating to run around St Georges Markets holding hands and kissing with the Rainbow flag draped over their shoulders.

Tom, Co Antrim