Prof Hawking conquered many mysteries but entered eternity without faith in God

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing in response to an article written by Sandra Chapman in last Saturday’s News Letter (‘God or afterlife do not exist claimed Stephen Hawking,’ October 20).

Unquestionably, Stephen Hawking deserves credit for his huge contribution to the world of science and space. Stephen Hawking will be remembered by most people as a truly inspirational man who failed to let his debilitating illness impair his work.

As a 19-year-old student, I know that Stephen Hawking is a role model for millions of young, aspiring scientists.

He conquered many mysteries in the world of science and frequently spoke out against social injustices and the underfunding of the NHS.

His important work was deservedly rewarded with many accolades to include the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed on him by Barack Obama.

However, along with millions of Christians, my deepest regret is that Stephen Hawking did not accept Jesus as his Saviour.

On Professor Hawking’s death, the late great Billy Graham’s son Franklin put it perfectly when he said “I wish Stephen Hawking could have seen the simple truth that God is the Creator of the universe he loved to study and everything in it.”

Who else could have created the entire universe, the seasons, the different kinds of animals and the human body itself with all its complexities? The Bible reminds us in Psalm 139 verse 14 that we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

On Saturday, Sandra Chapman left us in the lurch with two questions, namely whether or not God exists or there is an afterlife.

The problems referred to in the article such as famine are mainly as a result of sinfulness in today’s world brought about by corrupt governments and regimes.

Floods and heat waves have been spurred on by mass pollution caused by man’s bad stewardship, for example, the unnecessary cutting down of rainforests. God gave man free reign on this earth and can therefore never be to blame for any natural disaster.

Finally, in answer to the second question posed in the article, we can never automatically believe the wisdom of academic people such as Stephen Hawking.

It is a scary thought that Professor Hawking has now entered into an eternity without faith in God where suddenly status and worldly achievements become totally irrelevant.

All that matters is putting your trust and faith in the Creator God in preparation for the afterlife that awaits us.

Jonathan Hall, Fivemiletown