Protestant community has lost its self-respect

Anti-refugee rally organised by the Protestant Collation (Photo by Kevin Scott / Presseye )
Anti-refugee rally organised by the Protestant Collation (Photo by Kevin Scott / Presseye )

I must say it is with equal parts amusement and disgust that I listened to the New DUP’s condemnation of the Protestant Coalition against immigration.

This from a party that once thrived on street protests and demonstrations.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The Protestant community is in decline, and looking increasingly tired and jaded has no sense of who it is and has lost its self-respect.

Their churches, politicians and schools have failed them, and cast adrift in a rapidly changing and hostile world they are ill-equipped to deal with it.

As immigrants continue to flow into Ulster, the New DUP has encouraged this, changing the whole culture of our towns and cities, the frail vessel that is our community, damaged through years of neglect, is struggling against the tide to stay afloat.

If this open door policy on immigration continues it will increasingly be viewed as a threat and lead to more and more unsavoury incidents that will shame us all.

This policy, that has been thrust on us without our consent, serves neither the interests of the community or the immigrants.

Before do-gooders rush in with their strident and mischievous cries of “racism” I would like to advise them that they bear some responsibility for all this.

Their ill-considered and short-sighted response has helped to create this problem.

I do hope that the Protestant Coalition is a major success and unites and revives a community that is disintegrating and demoralised and prone to strike out in sheer frustration.

If it does then it will rebuild confidence and encourage us to engage with others from a position of strength.

Who knows if we put our own house in order we may even be in a position to reach out to a Catholic community, who may have their own concerns about immigration, and who, until now, tended to view the passing of our community with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment. They won’t admit it but they would miss us and this presents a problem – they don’t know whether to put us on a slow drip or give us the Last Rites.

It would be ironic if the two communities uniting to restrict immigration left the churches and the politicians scrambling to get in on the act, and standing like children with their arms out begging to get a lift up and ride on the bandwagon.

Quite often people, just like the New DUP, out of self interest will fine tune their principles to hit a more favourable note.

By the way, I tend to focus on the New DUP simply because the other unionist parties are “dummy fluters”.

A Watchman, Portadown

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