Protestants are a majority in NI, and Catholics are a majority in Ireland


According to Morning View (September 26) America is in many respects similar to Northern Ireland.

For example: “Both countries (sic) have a Protestant majority with a large Catholic minority.”

In Ireland it’s the other way round – in so far as the labels mean anything.

Perhaps you could say there are Catholics and Protestants but most of the people don’t bother with religion.

It’s no longer ‘the opium of the people’.

Anyway, as Morning View states, “Dublin has dropped its territorial claim over the Province (sic).” (and Britain has repealed its 1920 Partition of Ireland Act).

Back to square one?

The so-called ‘territorial claim’ could simply mean that the Irish people regard Ireland as their country, or the country to which they belong.

Are the Ulster Protestant people part of the Irish people or an equally legitimate people in their own right?

Do they have a legitimate territorial claim to Northern Ireland “in its entirety”?

Have they the right to hand it over to British sovereignty? Why is majority only important if it is Protestant (and British) or in relation to Northern Ireland?

Malachy Scott, Belfast BT15