Questions for Danny Kinahan to answer


One agrees wholeheartedly with Jim Nicholson MEP when he welcomes the reality of the election of Tom Elliott as MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone because those good folk will again have representation in the Mother of Parliaments (Letters, May 9).

Mike Nesbitt MLA, however, must know that when he states ‘what the Province needs is liberal, progressive politicians’ many unionists will disagree strongly.

I had the opportunity to vote for Danny Kinahan MP but refused because he has identified with the LGBT lobby in his support for same-sex marriage.

We are at present unaware where he stands on acceptance of abortion in Northern Ireland?

Facts sometimes may be difficult to accept, yet Mr Kinahan only represents 32.5 per cent of the electorate in South Antrim.

The DUP and TUV vote represents some 35.1 per cent of the electorate in this area.

From some of those canvassing for the Ulster Unionists in my area it was clear that ‘the equality god’ was a top priority with them.

One wonders how any evangelical Christian in the area could have supported such?

As Ashers bakery is in the constituency and the judgment is expected very soon, it would be interesting to know how Mr Kinahan views this together with freedom of conscience for Christians in similar situations.