Rangers fans were intimidated by Celtic fans on flight back to Belfast

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

On Saturday myself and two other Rangers fans were travelling back on an Easyjet flight after the old firm match.

I have to say that the Celtic fans on board the flight were abusive to us and other fans on the flight including a young fan with his Dad.

One of the fans was that drunk that he told one of my friends that he was in his seat when he actually was not and when he realised he was wrong he just hurled abuse at my friend.

On landing the same Celtic fan was on his phone and when asked to put the phone off hurled abuse at the stewardess with quite a lot of foul language.

The attendants on the flight were very good but to see the behaviour of the Celtic fans in a rowdy drunken state I have to admit was extremely bad and showed a bad light on Northern Ireland people to tourists of which there were a lot on the flight.

One Celtic fan said to me as I left the plane “we haven’t gone away and never will up the RA” .

I and a lot of people felt intimated by mindless thugs who were a disgrace.

Ivan, Banbridge