Rates cap subsidy for millionaires

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

There has been much talk in the Assembly regarding the welfare cuts and how the most marginalised and vulnerable in society must be protected.

Very few people would disagree with this but unfortunately the way devaluation was set up there is limited scope to do something about it.

One thing we do have the power to do is lift the cap on rates, in Belfast Council area there is £3.8m lost to the city each year because of this cap which has been in place for eight years. All the talk about going after the tax dodgers is hot air. The parties in Stormont have the power to lift the rates cap so why are they not doing it? It may not be the answer to our funding shortfall but it sends that they are sincere. Why should ordinary people who are struggling to pay their way subsidise those who live on millionaires row?

Surely this must end and those who can afford to live in such homes should pay their way.

Pat McCarthy, Former SDLP councillor, Belfast