Raymond McCord: Unionist hypocrisy over police

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Today again hypocrisy from unionist politicians in regards to the RUC/PSNI.

They call for Michael Maguire to go, yet a week ago I along with other victims’ families listen to a serial murderer Gary Haggarty admitting to a total of over 500 crimes including murders while being in the pay of the police.

Are we asked to believe that the police over a period of 14 years were not aware of his crimes and being paid by the state as a police informer?

Not a word from any unionist politician asking why Haggarty was protected from prosecution.

These politicians bring nothing but shame to the unionist cause. No condemnation at all.

I for one continue to support Michael Maguire and hope he ignores the rants of politicians who continue to close their eyes and minds to collusion by the police.

Raymond McCord, Newtownabbey