Raymond McCord: Unionist politicians and the PSNI should tell ‘loyalist’ gangsters to disband and work

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As we see another cry from the gangsters in our unionist community to be recognised as a legitimate legal organisation surely they should be told by the PSNI and all unionist politicians what the unionist people are saying: “Just disband and work.”

There is no leadership in unionism or ‘loyalism’.

Power and money mad politicians and paramilitaries, all long past their sell by dates.

Unionism needs leadership and direction. To kick start it all the terrorist groups who sickeningly call themselves ‘loyalists’ should immediately disband or suffer from the full force of the PSNI.

Arrest the leaders for directing terrorism, confiscate their cars, houses etc bought by drugs extortion and illegal businesses.

If someone belongs to a terrorist organisation treat them as a terrorist not as a community representative.

The unionist community have rejected these thugs time and time again at the election box.

That’s our answer to the RHC/UVF and UDA. Go away.

Raymond McCord, Newtownabbey