Reasons to query intelligence bodies

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The intelligence services should be in the service of the running of the state not the state in service to the running of intelligence.

But there are some who seem to think otherwise.

The News Letter reports (May 17) that President Trump “has openly questioned the competency of intelligence officials”.

Might there not be some reason for his questioning given, for instance, that intelligence once insisted that it was beyond question that Iraq was a storehouse of weapons of mass destruction; and the result was a war in which no such weapons were found but a state was destroyed with terrible consequences for many.

But, even so, the intelligence establishment is not to be questioned.

Perpetual antagonism between the United States and Russia seems to be the default position of intelligence and others in the establishment.

President Trump seems to be questioning that position and the result is uproar with a hint that the president might be impeached on some grounds or other as yet to be decided or discovered.

W A Miller, Belfast BT13